Typical usage

The typical usage of AGPSD is to send GPSD data over a intermittent network connection from a vehicle to a server, and have the server serve the last known data as well as history to clients. Currently the data can be retrieved using the GPSD protocol and KML.


AGPSD works like a GPSD router, with caching. It acts as both a GPSD client and server, and stores all NMEA events in an SQLite database. In addition to simply relaying data to clients, it supports replaying old data, and replication of the log between AGPSD servers.

It can initiate connections for replication both from the receiving and the sending end, enabling operation over networks with dynamic ip:s

AGPSD also acts as a web server and serves the recorded data as KML, as well as an OpenLayers based user interface to browse said kml data.


GPL v 3


RedHog (Egil Möller)